Back to the Beach


As have been travelling for weeks and when all other colleagues have headed back to homes, I was feeling uneasy in my room at Chennai’s famous Poes Garden locality. It was my last evening before returning home, I was determined to visit nearby beach (Marina beach, Chennai) to get myself refreshed and have coffee on shore side. The weather was favouring well – it has just rained before an hour or so and could feel the breeze, touching my cheeks. Without losing much time, I headed towards the beach (accompanied by a colleague), by the time it was close to dark and most of the people were returning back home. My consideration wasn’t to find how many people were around, I was focused to touch those tides carrying warmth and salty water. IMG_20170718_183740561I am person who loves nature – trees, animals, water, rain, rivers, plants, birds as many of us do, as soon as I saw tides dancing and in that BIG sea, my heart melted and I started expressing my love – walking, touching waters, going meters away from shore, feeling the warmth and water touching my face, lovely. IMG_20170718_183745132While having walk, we were discussing life, job, food, rain, shopping list, weekend breaks and cultures and certainly not missing the view of sea even for a moment. In all this, coast guard person cautioned us not to walk further away and we returned. Every place has something special to offer its people, Chennai has got beaches and Srinagar snow, unique more for people who visit from other places than for its own people. For some few seconds, I thought to have a dip, later realised cabbie might deny me a ride back to hotel if found full wet. However, touching waters and feeling the warmth was absolutely joyful. When we found just few people around the beach, we realised there were just few people around beach, this was the time we realised to head back to hotel. Before actually doing so, we got one more round done ( going up and coming down), while walking towards the road, I had feeling a going back and staying around those tides and water for longer, however, couldn’t do so and hired an auto rishkaw to went back to hotel.

While on beach side, I could suspect those tides speaking to me silently (much silent than they sound and look otherwise in sea), friend, don’t head back, look we have all beauty to offer to you and you are a half true nature lover if done so. I couldn’t listen to heart and reached back to hotel. On my return, I had famous filter coffee and ice cream thinking the joy of having a walk around beach and packing memories. While writing, I feel refreshed about the sound of tides and touch of sea water, something that doesn’t happen in life very often. To me, beaches are full of happiness, people need to visit to catch like fishermen do for fishing. Yes, basking in sun for free vitamin D and reading a romantic novel isn’t less enough to feel refreshed while visiting a beach. Due to darkness, I couldn’t capture the footstep impressions in sand, however foot thumbs were all up to play with sand.


Looking for a next beach walk! 🙂


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